March 25, 2012

m w w m

This review is long over due but nonetheless here we go -
Picture 16

I thought My Week WIth Marilyn was awesome! I love Michelle Williams and thought she did a great job portraying Marilyn. Emma Watson had a cute role, she can do no wrong in my eyes! The plot was interesting and shows a side to Marilyn that has never really been explored. Basically Marilyn Monroe was a pretty cool chick and this movie furthers that statement with her being spunky, adventurous, and looking for fun under the restraining amounts of pressure.
A definite must see!

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March 21, 2012

New Running Gear

This is the new running stuff I picked up a few days ago. I run track at school and have been needing some bright upbeat clothes for the spring! Next I'm trying to find some new light weight trainers, the running shoes I have now are starting to get pretty worn. And I want a new pair anyway ;) Anyone have any suggestions of awesome running shoes?


Some details:


Shirt Nike Dry-Fit
Pants Under Armour
Shorts Nike
Water bottle Camelbak

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March 19, 2012

Good News!

So on Saturday I came home from my day trip to NY to a letter addressed to my name from a special college. I opened the envelope to find MY ACCEPTACE LETTER TO THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY!!!! FIT is the only college I applied to this year, to say I didn't have a backup plan for if I didn't get in...would be the ultimate understatement! I am astonished, and grateful for getting in and am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life! I will be moving to Manhattan to study fashion design at FIT in the fall. Now, I'm just waiting to hear if my friend, Kristin, from school got in!

Photo 703
Photo 700
Photo 708
Photo 702
Photo 714

The weather has just been unbelievable the last couple weeks and today I soaked up the sun with some running for track practice and then my father, brother, the family I babysit for, and I all went to the local park and played some catch! Perfect way to enjoy the great weather and evening! Now off to watch My Week With Marilyn for the first time, I will do a review post later :)

I am wearing:
Scarf Free People
T-shirt Forever 21
Jeans no clue
Sweater Aerie 
Shoes Khombu

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March 16, 2012

Miss Prep


Here I am, a high school senior (with lots of freckles) currently residing just outside of Washington DC. 


I am wearing:
Cardigan J.Crew
Button Up Hollister
Skirt H&M
Necklace street vendor in Italy
Earrings Forever 21

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First Post

Today marks the first day of Totally Rad Style!
My name is Ciara and this blog is dedicated to my style, current obsessions, and life.